Gas Turbine Generators

Typically consisting of gas turbine, generator, auxiliary equipment, control and electrical systems/equipment.

Some of the gas turbine generators are part of complete power plants but can be offered separately.

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Output MWTypeFuelBuiltRef.-Nr.Picture
15002 x 750 MW GE Power Trains CCGTNatural Gas2010 – unused, partly erectedGT-CC-066-2
810Siemens/Alstom SGT5-4000F 2GT-2HRSG-1STGGas2005GT-CC-055
440Ansaldo Power Train CCGTGas & Oil2013 new - unused/orig. packedGT-CC-061
400 Combined CycleNatural Gas2011/2012 (as new)GT-CC-027
385CCGT 1 x Siemens V94.3A2Nat. Gas2009GT-CC-047
265Siemens Gas Turbine Generator SGT5-4000FNatural Gas2010 new - unused/orig. packedGT-441
240CCGT w. Alstom GT13E2nat. Gas2001/14GT-CC-045
205Combined Cycle - CCGT Siemens 3x SGT 800Gas2013GT-CC-054
200CCGT 1 x Siemens V94.2Gas & Oil1998GT-CC-051
130CCGT w. 2 x GE Frame 6 BDual NG + Oil2002GT-CC-050
123 x 3GE natural gas2001/1998/1996GT-414
120CCGT 2x GE Europe LM 6000PCNatural Gas2004/2007GT-CC-056
102 GE/LM6000Dual nat. gas/naphta1999/2010GT-CC-053
82GE Europe 2x LM 2500 Natural Gas & Liquid Fuel2002GT-CC-058-A
82Pratt & Whitney GT'sNatural Gas2009GT-CC-058-B
65CCGT w. 1x GE Frame 6 BDual NG + Oil2002GT-CC-048
65CCGT w. 1 x GE Frame 6 BDual NG + Oil2003GT-CC-049
65Siemens SGT 600 (low-NOx)Natural Gas1996GT-CC-020-A
59V64.3natural gas, light fuel oil1993GT-367
59V64.3Gas/fuel oil1994GT-CC-019
54GT8CLDO - light diesel oil (natural gas possible)1996GT-417
53GE LM 6000 PDnatural gas2011GT-CC-040
48Westinghousemulti fuel: Gas & Liquid2001/2013PB-10.48
44LM 6000 PDnatural gas 1998GT-CHP-003
44SGT 800natural gas2009GT-CC-024
43 GE/LM6000PD nat. Gas (convert. to naphta)2007GT-426
42GE LM6000PAnatural gas and distillate oil1997GT-CC-022
40GE Frame 6BGas fired1995GT-421
38 x 4GE Frame 6Bdual oil & gas1991 low hoursGT-442
35Siemens SGT 600Combined Cycle Natural Gas1995GT-CC-021B
25Alstom / Siemens GT10B2 / SGT 600Natural Gas2001GT-430
5.25 x 6Typhoondual fuel (natural gas and light oil/naphtha)2003GT-CC-011
4.6 Solar Centaur 50Dual gas/oil1998/2008GT-423
3.5 Solar Centaur 40S SoLoNOxNat. Gas2001GT-424
2x 19CCGT Leroy Somer 11,000 VNat. Gas2009GT-CC-010