Diesel Generators

Typically consisting of gas engine, generator, auxiliary equipment, control and electrical systems/equipment.

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Output MWManuf./TypeFuelBuiltRef.-Nr.Picture
200 (4x47,5)MAN B&W 12K90MC-5HFO1999DG-32.15
102 (7.3x14)CaterpillarHFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)2005DG-32.05A
54 (7x7,8) NiigataHFO2013 unusedDG-33.01
51 (7.3x7)CaterpillarHFO (Heavy Fuel Oil)2005DG-32.05B
25 (4x6.38)Wartsila 18V32LNHFO2002DG-32.19
6 Wärtsila 18V32HFO1997DG-32.20
4MAN B&WMulti-fuel design (palm oil, Bio-DFO, animal fats, HFO, refinery residues)2008DG-32.13
2.8 (1.4x2)ABCvegetable oil/used cooking oil/HFO/Diesel2005DG-32.08